What is Isadora?

Isadora is award-winning digital media software by Mark Coniglio of Troikatronix, for interactive design and control of live performance & installations. 

Isadora is graphical programming software that is non-language based. It is the fastest entry point for designers or artists wanting to learn video projection mapping and video tracking for dance, theatre, opera or to build interactive designs with custom interfaces for VJ gigs, film, solo performances, gallery installations, commercial projects and more.  

Isadora Front

Mark Coniglio, the creator of Isadora, began building the software to support his own creative designs. The first public release of Isadora in 2001 created a firestorm of excitement among digital artists desperate for simple-to-learn interactive software tools for live performance. Isadora soon became a true legend in the world of interactive design. From the beginning it was designed to be easier to learn than its competitors, but with an advanced feature set that satisfied designers with decades of experience. 

Optimised for video, it attracted many new users to the genre of interactive system design and today enjoys a global community of loyal fans and skilled professional users. Mark continues to break through barriers in software design, while keeping the price low enough for dedicated artists to embrace. Learning how to use Isadora will set you free from perceived limitations on what you can personally achieve in digital art. In our humble opinion and from personal experience we can say that learning Isadora software is the best way to launch yourself into the ongoing revolution of contemporary digital art. 

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